A full, flavoured and densely textured French goats cheese log. 

Available in 1kg log. 


An Italian style cheese made from cream, a very versatile product. 

Available in 200g, 500g and 2kg tubs. 


Mozzarella balls contained in whey from making the cheese.

Available in packs of 125g. 



A creamy Greek style cheese with a salty flavour and crumbly texture. 

Available in 200g and 900g blocks. 


A hard, slow-ripened Italian cheese with a mild and nutty flavour.

Available in bulk 2kg and 150g pre-packs. 


Light and creamy brie, ideal for cheeseboards, catering and sandwiches. 

Available in 1kg rounds. 



A semi-hard goats and sheeps cheese with a salty flavour and firm, smooth texture. 

Available in individual 250g.