Flavoured Cheese

The mild, slightly sweet Curworthy cheese is combined with fresh Ring of Fire chillies to produce a cheese with bite!

Available in 1kg bulk and 150g pre-packs. 



Traditional mild and creamy Curworthy cheese with fresh spring onions, encased in green wax. 

Available in 1kg and 150g pre-packs.


A sweet, fruity cheese with honeyed undertones. 

Available in bulk 1.5kg and 150g pre-packs.


Traditional farmhouse cheddar blended with a sweet and tangy confit of caramelised onion. 

Available in 1.5kg bulk and 150g pre-packs. 


A fresh and creamy cloth-bound cheese with real elderflower running through it.

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs.


Creamy lancashire cheese with apples, cinnamon and raisins. 

Available in bulk half moons and 150g pre-packs.


Traditional cheddar with chip shop curry sauce. 

Available in 1.5kg bulk and 150g pre-packs. 


Mature cheddar mixed with fresh garlic and rolled in chopped parsley. 

Available in both bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs. 


A visually distinctive cheese with the bold flavour to match. Traditional cheddar blended with Guiness-brewer porter.

Available in 2.3kg and 150g pre-packs.