A rich, intensely flavoured cheddar with a distinctive crunch due to naturally forming calcium lactate crystals.

Available in 200g and 360g pre-packs.


An intensely buttery cheddar with a smooth, rich texture. 

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs.


Matured for four months this is made using traditional methods with subtle buttery yet tangy flavours. 

Available in 3kg and pre-packed sizes. 


Creamy, buttery flavoured hard cheese covered in black wax.

Available in 5kg and pre-packed sizes. 


The benchmark Quickes cheese, Quickes Mature is allowed to breathe as it matures for 12 to 15 months, giving the intense cheddar its hallmark rind and...


Curworthy is a full fat hard cheese with a creamy light buttery taste when young and developing into a full flavoured mellowness when aged.  The curd...


Matured for up to 21 months this cheese is a complex mix of buttery caramel and sharp, tangy flavours. 

Available in 6kg and pre-packed sizes.


12-15 month matured cheddar with is naturally smoked over oak chips for 3-4 hours. 

Available in 3kg and pre-packed sizes.


This cheese is matured for 4-8 months which results in a distinctive, creamy flavour. 

Available in 3kg and pre-packed sizes.