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The mild, slightly sweet Curworthy cheese is combined with fresh Ring of Fire chillies to produce a cheese with bite!

Available in 1kg bulk and 150g pre-packs. 



A mould ripened soft cheese with light and creamy flavours when young, developing rich and distinctive flavours as it ages. 

Available in 350g rounds.


Traditional mild and creamy Curworthy cheese with fresh spring onions, encased in green wax. 

Available in 1kg and 150g pre-packs.


A mild and creamy cheese with a buttery aftertaste, wrapped in black wax. 

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs. 


A mellow and sweet cheese with a firm texture and creamy flavour. 

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs. 


Similar to the Devon Oke with a mild, creamy flavour, made with vegetarian rennet. 

Available in 150g pre-packs. 


Traditional Curworthy combined with wholegrain mustard, Chiltern Ale mustard and blended with fresh spices and a hint of garlic. 

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs. 


Creamy, buttery flavoured hard cheese covered in black wax.

Available in 5kg and pre-packed sizes. 


Curworthy is a full fat hard cheese with a creamy light buttery taste when young and developing into a full flavoured mellowness when aged.  The curd...