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A moist, slightly crumbly goats cheese with a zesty, sutble lemon flavour. 

Available in bulk sizes and 130g pre-packs. 


An unpasteurised mould-ripened cheese with a unique buttery taste and creamy texture. 

Available as a whole 1kg round or in 130g pre-packs. 


A semi-hard unpasteurised cheese with a fresh, lemony creaminess when young developing into a slight nuttiness when matured. 

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs. 


A variation on the Sharpham Rustic flavoured with fresh chives and garlic, giving a real savoury depth of flavour which complements its creaminess. 

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs. 


Unpasteurised Devon-made Brie with a buttery taste and creamy texture.

Available in 1kg wheels and 130g pre-packs.


The Sharpham Ticklemore Goat is a pasteurised, semi-hard goat milk cheese made with vegetable rennet. Unit Size 1.6kg Vegetarian/Pasteurised