GIANT Bourbon Biscuits & Custard Creams

GIANT biscuits & custard creams are now in stock and available from ISCA Foods. To complement this range we have an assortment of different cakes, flapjacks, muffins & crumbles. See below for our full range and prices:

CustardCream Bourbon

Product Case Size Price RRP Each
Giant Bourbon Biscuit 16x80g £12.00 £1.20
Giant Custard Cream 16x80g £12.00 £1.20
Scrummy Carrot Cake 15x90g £10.00 .95p
Scrummy Chocolate Cake 15x90g £10.00 .95p
Monster Flapjacks 30 Units £11.00 .75p
Country Crumbles 24 Units £10.00 .65p
American Cookies 40 Units £18.00 .75p
Assorted Muffins 20 Units £10.00 .75p

Best of British

Orchard Farm British Pork Frozen SausageOrchardFarmSausage

Made using 100% fresh British pork – exclusive to ISCA Foods

Product Case Size
IQF British Pork 4’s 4.54kg
IQF British Pork 8’s 4.54kg
Please let us know if you would like to try a sample of these sausages. They really are the perfect catering sausage

Cheshire Oak Premium British Cured GammonOFGammon

British cured premium, no added water gammons

Product Size
Corner Gammon Joint Average 2kg (12x2kg case)
Slipper Gammon Joint Average 2kg (12x2kg case)
Horseshoe Gammon Average 5kg (4X5kg case)
Netted Gammon Average 10kg (3x10kg case)
ess Gammon
Average 8kg  (3x8kg case)


Please call Gavin for information and prices

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