Whalesborough Cheese

Whalesborough Cheese is a small family business based on the North Cornwall coast which produce top quality, award winning cheeses. Using pasteurised cows’ milk from local dairies and their own unique recipes, their cheeses are full and rich in flavour with their own individual characters.

Until recently we only stocked their Cornish Crumbly, a Lancashire style cheese with creamy, citrus flavours. We are now stocking more of their range including Miss-Muffet-Truckle-Buy-Onlinetheir Miss Muffet, Keltic Gold and Cornish Smuggler.

Miss Muffet is a slightly sweet, continental style cheese with a supple texture and nutty, creamy flavour. It’s pink/grey natural mould rind is unique to their maturing room and the cheese itself has won many awards including Great Taste Gold and Silver at the International Cheese Awards.

Keltic Gold is a creamy and smooth textured washed rind cheese. Local cider is used to dip and scrub the cheese three times a week which gives a distinct sweet apple flavour and edible orange rind. It has won Gold at the World Cheese Awards and Silver at the British Cheese Awards.

Cornish Smuggler is a more traditional farmhouse cheese with deep creamyCORNISH-SMUGGLER-CHEESE flavours. The vegetable dye annatto is added as the curds are placed in moulds, creating a marbling effect which looks great on a cheeseboard. It has won Bronze at the British Cheese Awards.

These cheeses are available in both bulk and pre-packed sizes to suit your requirements. Contact us for more information.


Orchardlea and Pre-Packs

Back in December 2013 owners of local, prestigious pre-packer Orchardlea Foods decided to retire and offered the business to us. Orchardlea is now the brand we use for all of our pre-packed products including cooked meats, cheese, pate and bacon. The increased range meant that we developed two five star cutting and packing rooms which could handle the number of orders coming through.

HoneyRoastHam_tw5b-mmToday our Orchardlea products include quality, freshly cut and sliced meats such as delicious sweet-cured honey roast ham, traditional pork haslet, hand sliced black pudding and topside roast beef. These are all sliced and vacuum packed on site to keep the same freshness and quality.

Our pre-packed cheese range includes cheeses from both small, independent and nationally renowned dairies. From traditional Cheddar and Stilton to more unusual varieties such as the nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg and the hand moulded Sharpham Rustic with fresh pureed garlic and chives, there is a cheese to suit all tastes. All of our cheeses aredevonblue_ubcw-fm sliced and packed on site to retain their fresh flavours.

This range is perfect for the retail sector as all of our pre-packs come labelled with prices and nutritional information.