The Best Cornwall Cheeses! (in our opinion)

In 2017 Cornish Kern, made by Lynher Dairies, was voted as the World’s Best Cheese at the annual World Cheese Awards. As a relatively small dairy this was a huge achievement and got us thinking about other great cheeses originating from our neighbouring county, we’ve listed a few of our favourite Cornish cheeses to nibble on below.

Cornish Blue
Cornish Blue is made by the Cornish Cheese Company using local Cornish milk from a family farm on the edge of Bodmin Moor. The cheese differs from its traditional counterparts in that it is designed to be eaten when young, making its flavours much more mild, creamy and slightly sweet than its tangy cousins. The cheese production process is entirely carried out by hand by highly skilled cheesemakers, resulting in a delicious, crumbly blue cheese.

Miss Thymed
This creamy, delicate cheese is made by Whalesborough Cheese, a small batch artisan cheese makers based on the North Cornwall coast. Miss Thymed was created by taking their sweet, continental style Miss Muffet and blending it with Lemon & Thyme Cornish Sea Salt, creating a delicious citrus cheese perfectly complimented by nutty, savoury undertones.

Cornish Medium Gouda
This cheese is hand crafted by Giel Spierings and the skilled cheesemakers of the Cornish Gouda Company, based near Looe and producers of artisan cheeses. The cheese is made using rich milk from the farms own herd of Holstein Friesian cows and traditional Dutch cheese making techinques. It is matured for 5-6 months and is smooth and creamy with nutty flavours.

Garlic Yarg
Yarg is made by Lynher Dairies, one of the most successful artisan cheese makers in the country, who are based in Ponsanooth, Cornwall. This cheese is made to the same recipe as their award winning Yarg with the addition of wild garlic leaves which lends a gentle, fresh savoury flavour to the creamy, mild cheese as it matures.

These small scale dairies prove that local, natural ingredients, fresh, rich milk and highly skilled cheesemakers produce the best cheese – and even better, their right next door!


The Best Cheeses to enjoy this Spring!

April showers and brief glimpses of sunshine signal the beginning of a new season – spring! The slightly warmer weather coupled with a few drops of rain results in sweet and lush green grass which is enthusiastically chomped at by cows, goats and sheep who have likely been grazing on hay all winter; meaning fresh new cheeses full of the tastes, smells and feel of spring. We’ve listed a few of our favourite cheeses below that we think are best enjoyed at this time of year.

Fosseway Fleece from the Somerset Cheese Company is a perfect spring cheese. A hard, pasteurised ewes milk cheese, it is light and creamy with a fresh, mellow afterglow and slight sweetness. It is made in the style of Cheddar which makes it a great choice of ewes cheese novices.

A fantastic spring goat’s cheese is the Capricorn from Cricket St Thomas’ Lubborn Creamery. This is a soft, creamy cheese with an irresistible gooey centre and mild, clean and fresh flavour and a firm favourite of ours.

The Sharpham Estate produce some great year round cheeses. However we think spring is the perfect time to try their Rustic cheese. As it has yet to fully mature the cheese is fresh and clean tasting with lovely lemon and citrus flavours coupled with a slightly crumbly texture. It is also available with fresh garlic and chives which adds a delicious savoury depth to the cheese.

Beenleigh Blue is a ewes milk cheese made by Ticklemore Cheese in Totnes, South Devon. It has the bright, floral flavours characteristic of spring cheeses which develop into richer, creamier flavours as the cheese matures and a slightly crumbly texture.

Embrace the seasons and discover the vast seasonal differences in your favourite cheeses.