Riverford Devon Organic Dairy

A new selection of organic Devon dairy products is now available through ISCA Foods.

Clotted 4Riverford, based in Devon, produce a premium range, creams, soft cheeses, yogurt  and butters all made from organic unhomogenised milk. Using traditional methods like slow cooking to allow flavours to develop naturally. Several processes are done by hand as this results in the best textures and tastes. EVERYTHING is made on a Devon farm at their own Dairy, just metres from the milking barn.

The following range is all available from ISCA Foods:

Organic Clotted Cream 150g (Scalded in the traditional farmhouse way to create a beautiful crystallised crust)
Organic Clotted Cream 250g
Organic Crème Fraiche 250g (Delicious accompaniment for desserts and savoury dishes)
Organic Low Fat Cottage Cheese 200g (European-style traditional curds lightly turned with sea salt)
Organic Curd Cheese 250g (Delicious mild and versatile in savoury and sweet dishes)
Organic Mascapone 200g (Italian-style cheese made using a traditional recipe)
Organic Butter 200g (Golden creamy butter with just the right amount of salt)
Organic Fat Free Natural Yogurt 475ml (Guilt-free yogurt that’s perfect with savoury and dessert dishes)
Organic Whole Milk Natural Yogurt 475ml
(Seriously good with fresh fruit, on desserts or just enjoyed plain)Butter 2 C Fraiche 3


Rod & Ben’s Devon organic seasonal foods





A new selection of organic Devon soups and stews now available through ISCA Foods.

Butternut Squash, Lentil, Spinach & Kale

Rod and Ben’s, based in Devon, have been growing vegetables for over 13 years. They also produce a range of seasonal fresh organic chilled soups and stews manufactured from produce grown on their organic farm. Most of the range is also dairy, wheat and gluten free.

The following range is all available from ISCA Foods:

Parsnip, Turmeric & Ginger Soup 600g
Beetroot Spinach & Kale Soup 600g
Carrot & Herb Soup 600g
Leek & Potato Soup 600g
Red Russian kale, Spinach & Garlic Soup 600g
Spiced Lentil Soup 600g
Tomato & Basil Soup 600g
Roast Chicken & Vegetable Soup 600g
Haddock Chowder Soup 600g

Pasta Bean & Muchroom Stew in a Pot 300g
Butternut Lentil, Spinach & Kale Stew in a Pot 300g
Green Bean, Quinoa & Mixed Veg Stew in a Pot 300g
3 Bean Chilli Stew in a Pot 300g

2kg catering soups available on request. Call: 01392 661001 for more information

Beetroot, Spinach and KalePea & Mint Three Bean Vegetable Chilli



GIANT Bourbon Biscuits & Custard Creams

GIANT biscuits & custard creams are now in stock and available from ISCA Foods. To complement this range we have an assortment of different cakes, flapjacks, muffins & crumbles. See below for our full range and prices:

CustardCream Bourbon

Product Case Size Price RRP Each
Giant Bourbon Biscuit 16x80g £12.00 £1.20
Giant Custard Cream 16x80g £12.00 £1.20
Scrummy Carrot Cake 15x90g £10.00 .95p
Scrummy Chocolate Cake 15x90g £10.00 .95p
Monster Flapjacks 30 Units £11.00 .75p
Country Crumbles 24 Units £10.00 .65p
American Cookies 40 Units £18.00 .75p
Assorted Muffins 20 Units £10.00 .75p

Best of British

Orchard Farm British Pork Frozen SausageOrchardFarmSausage

Made using 100% fresh British pork – exclusive to ISCA Foods

Product Case Size
IQF British Pork 4’s 4.54kg
IQF British Pork 8’s 4.54kg
Please let us know if you would like to try a sample of these sausages. They really are the perfect catering sausage

Cheshire Oak Premium British Cured GammonOFGammon

British cured premium, no added water gammons

Product Size
Corner Gammon Joint Average 2kg (12x2kg case)
Slipper Gammon Joint Average 2kg (12x2kg case)
Horseshoe Gammon Average 5kg (4X5kg case)
Netted Gammon Average 10kg (3x10kg case)
ess Gammon
Average 8kg  (3x8kg case)


Please call Gavin for information and prices

Tel: 01392 661001



‎Breakfast Week‬

So we all know by know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So to coincide with national breakfast week I will be showcasing some of the many ‘breakfast type’ products we have to offer. Today I will start with sausages!!

We do two types of catering frozen sausage. Gill’s & Pennylane.

IQF Gills Sausages 4’s or 8’s £11.75 a box
IQF PL Sausages 4’s or 8’s £6.95 a box
Both popular and good catering sausages.

We will soon be selling an English IQF Sausage exclusive to ISCAISCASausage Foods so watch this space for more details!

Don’t forget we also sell a mixture of local fresh Devon sausages. W.F. Chinns traditional pork sausages are made in Devon. All their sausages are made using meat sourced from local Westcountry farms.

www.wfchinn.co.uk – take a look yourself for more details. They have all sorts of different flavours, these are all available to purchase through ISCA Foods.



Chunk of Devon – Ricardo’s Pie

New Chunk Of Devon – Ricardo’s Pie now available to purchase here at ISCA Foods.

Inspired by a trip to Mexico, this great chilli pie has a slightly spicy kick and is suitable for vegetarians!
Quorn, peppers, kidney beans, a mild chilli salsa and topped with crushed tortilla chips, then melted mature cheddar cheese!

Why not give it a try…..Please get in touch for more details. RRP £2.95Ricardo's Pie


Facebook and Twitter

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas & New Year.

Not quite 2016 but I have started a new Facebook & Twitter page for ISCA Foods to start the year.

My goal for 2016 is to promote ISCA Foods through various different social media outlets. Hopefully to expand our customer base and the range of products we sell. So if you are in the food business or know anyone that might be interested please like or follow our media. See below:

Facebook Page

Twitter Page

Look forward to expanding our already growing customer base!



West Country Christmas Cheese Baskets

Remember to pre-order your West Country Christmas Cheese Baskets before it is too late, only available here at ISCA Foods, Exeter.

The basket contains:
1 x Devon Farmhouse Mature Cheddar block, sourced & produced on a North Devon farm.
1 x Devon Blue block, Devon Blue is made using Friesian cow’s milk collected locally in the South Hams. It is in our opinion one of the best cheeses within the West Country.
1 x Cornish Yarg block, Yarg is a young semi-hard cow’s milk cheese made by Lyner Dairies in Cornwall. It is left to mature, then wrapped in nettle leaves to form an edible, though slightly mouldy, rind.
1 x Somerset Red Leicester, this is produced on Maryland Farm which is situated less than 15 miles from the village of Cheddar itself.
1 x Somerset Brie, Lubborn Somerset Brie is creamy with a mild, fresh flavour and a soft edible white rind. The curd is the colour of straw, and as it ripens from the outside in, it becomes softer, richer and with a fuller flavour. Continue reading West Country Christmas Cheese Baskets


Christmas 2015 Range

We are into November and Christmas is upon us. The likes of Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Aldi have all their festive products out & I wouldn’t be surprised if a few houses have started putting up their lights either. So I thought I better follow suit, not with putting decorations up but with the range of Christmas products we will be selling this year.

 We will of course have our usual stock items like, stilton, Somerset brie, Devon Blue, wensleydale & cranberry cheese to our popular 320g Goose & Duck fats. Not forgetting our traditional cutting & mince pies.

Continue reading Christmas 2015 Range


Summer salads


So the Met Office are predicting our hottest July on record……Better get the sun cream ready then. Or perhaps the umbrella, depending on what you want to believe.

One thing I can offer for sure though is our increased range of Delphi dips, olives & salads.

This really is the time to start stocking up on these products. They are the perfect partner to those Summer BBQs.

Have a look below at our extended range.



 Houmous Dip 170g x 6
Low Fat Houmous Dip 170g x 6
Carrot Houmous Dip 170g x 6
Black Olive Houmous Dip 170g x 6
Chargrilled Red Pepper Houmous Dip 170g x 6
Roasted Chunky Vegetable Houmous Dip 170g x 6
Lemon & Coriander Houmous Dip 170g x 6
Tzatziki Dip 170g x 6
Taramosalata Dip 170g x 6
Hot Salsa Dip 170g x 6
Guacamole Dip 150g x 6
Avocado & Houmous Dip 150g x 6
Red Pepper & Feta Dip 170g x 6
Aubergine Dip 170g x 6
Houmous Dip 1kg
Tzatziki Dip 1kg
Taramosalata Dip 1kg
Edamame Bean Salad 200g x 6
Medium Hot Chick Pea Salad 220g x 6
Couscous with Chargrilled Vegetables 160g x 6
Three Bean Salad 220g x 6
Tabouli Salad 170g x 6
Red Kidney Bean Salad with Cracked Wheat 200g x 6
Lentil Salad 220g x 6
Coleslaw Salad 230g x 6


Felafel 140g x 6
Antipasto Salad 240g x 6
Sunblessed Tomatoes 230g x 6
Sun-ripened Tomato Salad 260g x 6
Dolmades “Stuffed Vine Leaves” 150g x 6
Red Peppers Stuffed with Feta Cheese 200g x 6
Green Pitted Olives with Dill & Herbs 240g x 6
Green Olives with Feta Cheese 240g x 6
Green Stuffed Olives with Pimento 240g x 6
Black & Green Olives 240g x 6
Kalamata Pitted Olives w.White Cheese 240g x 6
Kalamata Pitted Olives with Herbs 240g x 6
Mixed Salad with Olives 300g x 6
Basil Pesto 170g x 6

tzatziki mixed-olives-with-white-cheese[1] CousCous chickpea-salad[1]