Orchardlea – Our Pre-packed range!

So what is Orchardlea?

Orchardlea is our branding for our pre-packed foods that we professionally cut, slice & pack by hand here at ISCA Foods in Exeter. We strive to keep our pre-packs well-presented and stored at the perfect temperature ready for your order.

We have a vast range of pre-packs available with a huge emphasis on local products. Products like our local Devon Sharpham cheeses, Devon cured hams & bacon are top sellers among them.

I wouldn’t be able to list our whole range here so why not take a look for yourself to see what we can offer you. Pre-packed range

Our services are also unique in that we can offer mixed, multiple or single pre-packs to an order. If you want 5 x small farmhouse mature, 1 x large farmhouse mature and 2 x Danish salami then that’s what we will do for you.

Once we have picked your order we then label it with our new Orchardlea branded labels. Information on the label will include product ingredients with the all-important mandatory labelling rules regarding allergens in bold. Product weight, price per kilo & most importantly price per pack. This will be marked up accordingly from your buying price.

I’m confident these pre-packs would fit amongst products in any shop, deli counter, butchers or market stall. Give us a call or email us for more details.


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