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This month our focus is on one of our longest standing Customers – Prentice Butchers who are based in Torbay (or Torbaydos as they like to call it!).

John has been one of our very loyal customers for 25 years now, and we are extremely grateful that he has stuck with us for so long – we must be doing something right!

As always thank you to John for taking the time out to answer some questions for us as part of our Customer Blog series.

Q: Can you tell us  how long Prentice Butchers been trading?

A: Prentice Butchers has been trading for the past 25 years that I have owned the business.

Prior to this it was Terry Prentice Butchers from 1982 of which I worked at from 2000 – 2016.

Q: How has your business evolved over the last 25 years? Have your buying habits changed?

A: Over the years the shop has had a steady growth and when I took over and made it my own we have grown the retail side more.

We introduced card payments and Facebook does well with us too.

Our buying habits have changed too, stocking more groceries , produce and always looking for something new.

Q: What do you like the most and least about working in the food industry?

A: What I like most in the food industry is always giving my customers the best quality and consistency.

The least …Supermarkets selling loss leaders!

Q: Did you always want to be/run a butchers? If you weren’t a butcher what other profession could you see yourself in?

A: I left school at 15 and went straight into the meat industry to learn a trade.

Before that I wanted to join the Army.

Q: How has Covid-19 affected your business during this past year, how have you adapted the business to remain trading?

A: COVID has re-invented my business overnight into a home delivery service in the bay.

Adapting too with more internet orders.

Q: Can you tell us about any business challenges over the years (other than Covid) and how you’ve dealt with them?

A: Being in business is always a challenge , but with the good team I have and the service we provide we have done well!

Our challenge coming up is how we integrate our catering customers back into our business model.

Q: What are some of your best-selling products? Do you have the same customers coming back for particular products?

A: Just recently our best selling product from yourselves has been the Chunk pies and pasties.

Most customers like consistency and do repeat a lot of their business.

Q: Do you regularly look for new stock? Is there any products we don’t currently sell that you you’d like to see available?

A: We are always on the look out for new stock ideas and welcome any samples.

The only product you no longer sell which I am having to source direct is the Cornish olives which you replaced with your own.
(We are very close to receiving our brand new packaging for West Country Olives and we hope you may try them again with your customers, we are going to be completely re-launching the olives once the new packaging is in.)

Q: As a very valued customer is there anything we can do better to improve the service you are receiving from us?

-I would like for you to continue your retail price marked range.

-The only thing I think you could do to improve your service would be to talk to the customer when you are thinking of changing a product
R:E the olives. 
(Thank you for the feedback, we will take this on board going forward and will endeavour to make sure we keep our Customers at the forefront of our decisions, making sure we give plenty of notice and ask for feedback on product changes)

Q: What are you looking forward to doing most once the lockdown restrictions have been eased?

A: After lockdown I am looking forward to taking all my staff out one afternoon and raise a glass or two!


Cream or jam first?
Cream then jam

Cheese or meat?

Pasty or Pie?

Mash or Chips?

As always if you would like to take part in our Customer Blog series please just drop us a message on Facebook, email us info@iscafoods.co.uk or simply express your interest when placing your order with us.

John outside Prentice Butchers
Sausages handmade at Prentice Butchers
Selection of Orchardlea pre packed cured meats
Selection of Chunk of Devon Pies and pasty
John and staff members
Selection of meats available at Prentice Butchers

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