Extended Delivery Routes!

This year we are all about extensions; following recent building work we have been able to extend our fridge space meaning that we can stock more products and supply to more customers. Our office space is also currently undergoing work which will improve the day to day running of the business.

The result of all this work is that we are now excited to be able to extend our delivery routes to include more areas and ultimately supply to more customers; from small village stores and community shops to cafes, farm shops and delis.

Currently the extended routes are in Somerset, Cornwall and Mid Devon but we hope to be able to extend all routes in the coming months. Click here to see when we are able to deliver in your area or give us a call on 01392 661001.


Unit Extension!

If you have visited our unit recently you may be aware of the building work going on around us. We are currently in the process of extending our unit to include a much larger refrigeration space, new bespoke packing and production rooms and improved office space. Perhaps most importantly for us and our customers is the extension of the fridge which will enable us to begin stocking a wider variety of new and exciting products in the new year. The photographs below show the whole extension process from clearing the area behind our current unit to our products back on the shelves in their home:

We are already noticing a difference with how much space we now have. While our office extension remain ongoing the fridge and production rooms are now completed. We can’t wait to begin filling the new refrigeration space with brand new delicious products in the new year!