It’s British Pie Week!

And just like that it’s the time of year again where the humble pie gets a publicity hit. British Pie Week celebrates everything good about the pie from the delicious buttery pastry (we’re into shortcrust but props to puff and suet pastry toppings too!) to the rich, more-ish filling we love all things pie and this week we want to share that love with you.

Chunk Pies are a very popular go to if staff have forgotten their lunch which funnily enough happens quite often (any excuse for a Chunk Pie for lunch!)
We’ve asked five of our fabulous staff members their favourite Chunk of Devon pie and we’re starting today with the Boss Man himself, Liam!

Liam has been at Isca for over 10 years now, he has been running the business for several years as his father (Tim) wanted to take a back seat.

Liam is very partial to the Ultimate Steak Pie, the classic combination of steak and gravy!
He does also have a close second favourite being the chicken, bacon and leek pie, which comes down to the creamy gravy and the perfect flavour combos.


Q&A with Liam

Q: Favourite Chunk Pie and why?
A: I have two Chunk pies that are up both up there, the Ultimate Steak pie and the Chicken, bacon and leek pie.
The steak is just what a good pie should be, tender meat with a hearty gravy, and the chicken and bacon is just the best flavour combination.

Q: Chips or mash?
A: Would depend on what I am having to accompany it but I think mash with pie definitely!

Q: If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? 
A: Lamb roast with all the trimmings and a good old cheese board for pudding

Q: How long have you worked at Isca? 
A: 10 years plus

Q:  What is your role at Isca? 
A: Managing Director

Q: Have you always wanted to work in the food industry?
A: No, my main background is I.T (which still comes in very handy at Isca) but I hadn’t planned to be at Isca until in between jobs. Dad had some work for me and then I ended up staying; years later Dad wanted to take a backseat so I took on the running of the business and the rest is history as they say!

Q: What do you look forward to doing most when lockdown restrictions have been eased completely?

A: Seeing family and friends, playing sport again and going out for some good food again!


Look out for our chat with Tracey tomorrow..!