Cheese Showcase: Quicke’s Traditional

quickesrange_0tyg-ljThe Quicke’s, based on Home Farm, Newton St Cyres near Exeter are producers of award winning traditional cheeses. Using time-honored techniques and recipes that date back generations each cheese is individually crafted by expert cheesemakers who strive to create perfect cheeses every time. The maturation process varies with each cheese, some are even matured for up to two years to give them the signature depth of flavour that is so recognisable.

Traditional Mature
We currently stock a range of the Quicke’s cheeses including the traditional Mature which is their benchmark cheese. Clothbound and typically matured for up to 15 months it has intense, rich and complex flavours ranging from buttery caramel to sharp, grassy notes which develop on the palate. A truly outstanding cheese it is no surprise that it has won a number of awards including Taste of the West, World Cheese Awards and Artisan Cheese Awards.

Goats CheeseQuickes-Goats-Cheese-200_820x
Quicke’s Goats Cheese is another fantastic product. Made using locally sourced high quality goats milk it is matured for less time than some of their other cheeses at only six months, however it is full of vibrant, buttery, nutty ‘goat’ flavours and is wonderfully smooth textured.

Oak Smoked
Once their traditional Cheddar has matured some are selected to become Quicke’s Oak Smoked. Cut into smaller 1.5kg sizes to allow the smoky flavour to infuse throughout the entire cheese it is then cold smoked over oak chips from their own trees for up to four hours. The cheese develops a subtle, smoky and buttery flavour and attractive deep orange colouring.

We currently stock these cheeses in both bulk and pre-packed sizes suitable for catering and the retail market. Call today to order yours!


Sheep & Goats Cheeses

Today goat and sheep milk cheeses are becoming much more common in the UK due to varying tastes and the desire to discover something new.
There are differences in both flavours and textures of these cheese. Cows milk has a much higher fat content than most other milks and this makes very creamy and rich cheese. Goats milk has more of an earthy, slightly sweet flavour and a low fat content while sheep milk produces rich, buttery cheeses. Below are some of our favourite sheep and goats milk cheeses.

Beenleigh Blue
Beenleigh is made by Ticklemore Cheese in Totnes, South Devon. As the milk is only available in the spring and early summer as much cheese as possible is made then to last throughout the year. This results in very clear seasonal variations in flavour, the young cheese is light and fresh with citrus flavours whereas the matured cheese is more robust with earthy, rich notes and creamy texture with delicate blue veining throughout.

Capricorn Goats Cheese
Made by The Lubborn Creamery in Somerset using locally sourced goats milk, this is a soft and creamy cheese bursting with nutty flavours. It has a firm, slightly crumbly texture and ripens from the outside towards the centre – developing even more creaminess as it ages. Vegetarian rennet is used in its production making Capricorn suitable for vegetarians.

Fosseway Fleece
Fosseway is made by The Somerset Cheese Company using milk sourced from their own farm. It takes its name from the old Roman ‘Fosse Way’ road that runs close to the village of Ditcheat where the cheese is made. This is a smooth textured hard cheese with fresh, clean and mellow flavours and for this reason is a great introduction to ewes milk cheeses.

Quickes Goat
Vibrant and creamy this goats cheese from the Quickes is traditionally cloth bound with luxurious buttery, nutty flavours. Based in Newton-St-Cyres, East Devon and using milk from local farms this goats cheese is full of creamy flavours and a firm texture.

Why not experiment and try some cheeses made using sheep and goats milk? You might find a new favourite.