It’s National Sandwich Week!

It’s National Sandwich Week! We’re celebrating all this week by offering 10% off of this most versatile of sandwich fillings – ham. Below we explore some of our favourite ways to jazz up this sandwich institution.

Ham & Cheese Toasties

It goes without saying that there is nothing that cannot be improved with the addition of cheese, particularly melted cheese. For a classic toastie we recommend using our thickly sliced Ham Off the Bone which is packed full of flavour and a cheese that melts easily like a Gruyere or Gouda or a strong, extra mature Cheddar. The trick to a good toastie is lots of butter and a very hot pan. Heat the butter in a frying pan over a medium heat and once you’ve added the sandwich use a plate or bowl with a can of soup or beans on top to weigh it down, this helps to compact the sandwich and ensures that the cheese melts evenly – enjoy!

Mighty Meaty Ham Sandwich

Recreate the classic Subway (other sandwich shops are available!) sandwich with our thickly cut Premium Devon ham and a variety of cured meats. We like it with Milano salami, peppery pastrami and prosciutto parma ham combined with some salty olives like our Kalamata or Classic Blend and a little mayonnaise. This works best on rolls rather than sliced bread as all that filling needs a sturdy receptacle!

Ham & Goats Cheese Baguette

Creamy goats cheese combined with ham and a dollop of fiery tomato chutney – what’s not to love! We recommend using our delicious subtly smoked ham and the Ticklemore Goat cheese with Waterhouse Fayre Spicy Tomato chutney. We’d also recommend using a fresh baguette for this as the hard outer crust works well with the soft goats cheese although this would also work with fresh granary or wholemeal bread to suit your preferences. We like the spicy tomato chutney but you could also use a chilli jam for a bit of sweetness if you prefer.

We hope you enjoy this national sandwich week, remember to tag us in any of your creations via our social media pages!


Christmas Leftover Ideas

This festive season we’ve got all the inspiration you’ll need for using up all your leftovers from the big day. From traditional turkey curry to not so traditional ramen, a delicious Boxing Day breakfast and a warming cheesey dish perfect for cosying up by the fire – enjoy!

We can’t imagine Christmas without mountains of leftover turkey, but what to do with it? A 70’s classic turkey curry, creamy korma or a fiery madras, a curry is quick and easy to make but full of flavour. We like adding some drained chickpeas for extra texture but you can leave these out if you prefer. Serve with some rice, naan bread, poppadoms, or whatever you have in the cupboard for an excellent curry feast!
If you fancy something a little more adventurous why not try making a Turkey ramen? Originating in Japan this noodle broth is deliciously rich and warming with plenty of healthy veg to compensate for the over indulgence of chocolates and mincepies over the festive season! It takes no time to prepare and you can even add leftover gravy to heighten the rich, meaty flavours.

Like a lot of families we have lots of ham over Christmas and aside from sandwiches we were at a loss of how to use it up. A potato, ham and chorizo hash makes a delicious Boxing Day breakfast, guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs ifhoney ham (2) you’ve overdone it on the mulled wine. Once everything is chopped this takes minutes to cook and if you’ve got some leftover roast potatoes (unlikely in our house!) you can add those to make it extra decadent and crispy.
Carbonara is one of our favourite meals, full of creamy goodness, we couldn’t resist including it with our leftovers. Traditionally made with pancetta we think it works just as well with ham and a good sprinkling of Parmesan.

We always have some cheese left over from our Boxing Day cheeseboard and one sharpham brieway to use it up is to make a delicious Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Any cheese will work perfectly so don’t worry about using a bit of everything, Stilton, Brie, a bit of leftover Cheddar all work really well, we also quite like adding some smoked bacon for extra flavour. Top with grated Parmesan and breadcrumbs for that signature crunchy crust and you’ve got a deliciously warming cheesy dinner.
Another great leftover idea is a roasted vegetable tart topped with slices of Brie and cranberry sauce. Any veg you’ve got left from the roast dinner can be roasted in puff pasty tart cases, top with the brie just before serving and dig in!Facebooktwitterinstagram

Local Producers – Wessex Country Gammons

Here in Devon we are extremely lucky to have so many fantastic local producers on our doorstep – from artisan cheeses and bespoke blended teas to quality sausages and handmade puddings. In a time when consumers are increasingly concerned with low food miles and the provenance of their food, locality and the ‘shop local’ campaign have never been more apt. With this in mind we are producing a blog series on our local producers and their delicious products, this week focusing on Wessex Country Gammons.

cooked hamEstablished in 1987 at Vine Close Farm in Wimborne, Dorset, Wessex Country Gammons began as a producer of quality cooked hams before expanding their range to include beef, turkey and continental deli meats. Hams are very much still the focus with a range including honey glazed, hickory smoked, golden breadcrumb and natural ham. Extreme care is taken to ensure that all of their meat is sourced from RSPCA assured farms with the highest welfare standards ensuring the best taste for their customers.

We currently stock their whole 3kg cooked gammon ham, whole 3kg honey roasted gammon ham and sliced retail gammon hams available in 250g and 500g packs and the whole range is available to view here.Facebooktwitterinstagram

Local Producers – Kitto’s Fine Westcountry Hams

Here in Devon we are extremely lucky to have so many fantastic local producers on our doorstep – from artisan cheeses and bespoke blended teas to quality sausages and handmade puddings. In a time when consumers are increasingly concerned with low food miles and the provenance of their food, locality and the ‘shop local’ campaign have never been more apt. With this in mind we are producing a blog series on our local producers and their delicious products, this week focusing on Kitto’s Fine Westcountry Hams.kitto's ham

Established in 1986 as the Peter Kitto Cooked Meat Company by Peter Kitto and Norman Walker the company started out producing not only their finest ham but also pork, garlic sausage, haslet and pastrami. In 1990 they made the decision to specialise solely on the production of high quality hams and soon were supplying businesses all around the country from their premises at Cattedown in Plymouth. They now produce their Finest Devon ham, Premium Honey Roast ham, Premium Westcountry ham and Oven Baked Ham of which we currently stock the Finest Devon and the Premium Honey Roast. Their Finest Devon ham has been the recipient of a number of awards including a Silver Award at the Great Taste Awards and is a firm favourite among our customers for its quality taste and delicious texture. Their Honey Roast ham is glazed with demerara sugar and honey to create a delicious sweet-cured ham which won Gold at the Great Taste Awards.  honeyroast ham (2)

Both of these hams are available in whole joints of 6-7kg, joints cut in ½ (3-4kg) and in retail pre-packs of 110g with an average of 3 slices per pack and our whole range of hams can be viewed here:

The Kitto’s ham range is one of our bestselling lines for its consistent quality and competitive price. The bulk joints are ideal for the catering sector while the retail packs are great fridge staples to make sandwiches, ploughmans and of course the classic ham, egg and chips lunch!Facebooktwitterinstagram

It’s British Sandwich Week!

The humble sandwich ranges from the ultimate grab and go lunch to dainty afternoon tea finger food and towering meat monstrosities covered in cheese that demand your attention.

The sandwich’s invention is accredited to John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich who ordered cold beef between slices of toast in order to eat without disturbing his game of cards and today the sandwich is a firm stable of lunchboxes up and down the country.

Part of the sandwich’s longevity is the vast array of fillings available and new combinations being created every day. We now have more choice than ever in what we put between our bread and yet in a recent survey to discover Britain’s favourite sandwich fillings the top three were cheese, ham and cheese and ham salad. It seems that contemporary flavour revolutions have a long way to go to beat the old classics.

And why not make the best out of the classics? Try a cheese sandwich made with simple, delicious Vintage Reserve cheese from Barbers Cheesemakers. Matured for up to 24 months this cheese is rich and powerful in flavour with a smooth and creamy texture. Or for those craving more flavour try a mozzerella sandwich with fresh basil and tomato to really taste the summer. Likewise ham and cheese sandwiches can be enjoyed simply, with great quality premium Devon ham and our full bodied, creamy Baskerville Extra Mature. For a ham salad sandwich the star of the show has to be the ham. All of our sliced hams are sourced from Plymouth and have many accolades including Taste of the West and South West Food & Drink awards. Pair premium quality ham with fresh mixed leaves, juicy tomatoes and cucumber for a deliciously simple sandwich.

Enjoy British Sandwich Week!Facebooktwitterinstagram