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Here in Devon we are extremely lucky to have so many fantastic local producers on our doorstep – from artisan cheeses and bespoke blended teas to quality sausages and handmade puddings. In a time when consumers are increasingly concerned with low food miles and the provenance of their food, locality and the ‘shop local’ campaign have never been more apt. With this in mind we are producing a blog series on our local producers and their delicious products, this week focusing on Jacksons Fishmongers.jacksons logo

A traditional fishmongers and smokehouse Jacksons Fishmongers was established in Newton Abbot in 1922. Sourcing the majority of their fish from nearby Brixham Jacksons focus on supplying sustainably caught fish and SmokedSalmonFillets (3)shellfish to their customers. All of the boats from which they buy their fish are endorsed by the Marine Stewardship Council and most are line caught in keeping with ethical guidelines or from boats adhering to the Responsible Fishing Scheme. Jacksons also produce their own smoked fish range using their on site smoker.

We stock a variety of Jacksons products including the smoked mackerel, peppered mackerel, smoked kippers and hot smoked trout which are all available in 100-200g retail packs. Recently we have also begun stocking their frozen salmon fillets which are available in individual 200g portions. Click here to view the full range and for more information.


Seafood Week

This week is National Seafood Week, an annual campaign celebrating the wide variety of fish and shellfish available in the UK. Organised by Seafish, a Non-Departmental Public Body set up to support the £10 billion UK seafood industry, the campaign has been running since 2015 and focuses on encouraging people to consume more seafood more often and promoting seafood as a healthy, sustainable food source.

fishWe currently stock a variety of seafood from fresh smoked mackerel to frozen salmon fillets. Our fresh fish is sourced from Jacksons Fishmongers. Based in Newton Abbot and passionate about sustainable fishing, Jacksons purchase the freshest fish from vessels coming in to nearby Brixham and prepare and smoke their fish on site. We stock their smoked mackerel, peppered mackerel and smoked kippers which are available in fresh 150g retail packs. We also stock their fresh smoked trout which is available in 100g retail packs. All fish is naturally rich in essential nutrients and oily fish such as mackerel even more so making it a healthy food source. Why not try it in a light, creamy pate with sourdough toast or try an Asian style noodle dish with teriyaki and lemon?

Our frozen fish range is sourced from M&J Seafood and includes cod, haddock, SmokedHaddock (2)smoked haddock and salmon fillets which are all available in 150-200g retail packs. M&J Seafood was founded in 1978 and today they continue to work to purchase the freshest fish and shellfish available from sustainable sources. Their ethos is based on no-nonsense, honest fishmongery from expert, award-winning fishmongers. This Seafood Week enjoy an old fashioned fish supper using our cod or haddock fillets or make some fragrant salmon fishcakes with lemon and dill.
To view our entire range of fish click here.

We are lucky to live in a country rich with seafood from River Exe mussels to shoals of mackerel to Scottish salmon. Seafood Week can encourage us to try something new or revert to a comforting favourite; however you choose to celebrate we hope you enjoy Seafood Week.


National BBQ Week!

What could be better – it’s a bank holiday, it’s half term and it’s BBQ week!
First launched in the summer of 1997 to recognise the UK’s growing BBQ culture; this is a celebration of all things BBQ and the long way we’ve come from “if it isn’t burnt it’s not BBQ!” We’ve got some great BBQ ideas and although we can’t guarantee the weather, we can guarantee the delicious taste of these fantastic products – rain or shine!

ChinnsSausage_omlo-b1W.F Chinns Sausages
Chinns was established in Crediton over forty years ago and today operates just around the corner from the original factory headed by husband and wife team Rose and Tony Palmer. Their original pork sausages are delicious on a BBQ but if you want to really smoke things up why not try their pork and chorizo sausages for full on flavour? We also particularly love their red onion sausages in a hot dog! All other flavours can be found here – everything from honeyroast to stilton and even gluten free options: http://www.iscafoods.co.uk/local-fresh-sausages/
Did you know that Chinns also produce burgers? Available in packs of four these are proper, meaty burgers perfect for a BBQ and in classic beef and pork & apple flavours.

Dips and Salads
Alongside the main attractions dips and salads such as our range from Delphi Foods have become a common staple at a BBQ. A leading producer of chilled dips, salads and Mediterranean specialities Delphi products are now one of our bestsellers. Their products include various flavoured houmous, olives and tapasdelphi dips. While coleslaw and potato salad are traditional favourites why not also try something different like Middle Eastern style cous cous with char-grilled vegetables or a light Greek tzatziki made with fresh yogurt, cucumber, mint and olive oil would be perfect with some BBQ-ed lamb? For veggies you could also turn their delicous three bean salad with red kidney, borlotti and canellini beans into burgers – mix with some spices and add a slice or two of cheese and you’re good to go! For all other Delphi products have a look here:  http://www.iscafoods.co.uk/salads-dips-and-olives/delphi/

Fish can be a delicious alternative to meat on the BBQ, whether mixed with fresh, zingy citrus flavours or lightly charred for delicious smokiness. We stock a range fishof fish including frozen cod fillets, smoked haddock and salmon fillets as well as fresh smoked mackerel, peppered mackerel, smoked trout and kippers from Jackson’s Fishmongers in Newton Abbot. Why not make a smoked trout salad with some new potatoes and rocket for a fresh BBQ twist or try some salmon fillets with a soy and ginger marinade wrapped in foil and BBQ-ed? Our whole fish range is available to view here: http://www.iscafoods.co.uk/fish/

We hope you enjoy at least one BBQ this week whether it’s in the brilliant sunshine or with everyone rushing inside after a downpour, it really doesn’t matter as long as the food tastes good right!?

Feature image by Carnivore Style via: https://carnivorestyle.com/.