English Breakfast Day 2020

English Breakfast Day takes place on December 2nd every year and is celebrated by millions of people internationally. It was originally started in 1975 to support the history and heritage of the English Breakfast.

The tradition of the full English breakfast is one that is regularly enjoyed in all four corners of the earth. In the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the full English Breakfast is making a roaring comeback and is now more popular than at any time since the 1960’s.

We have got a wide selection of the main event of a English breakfast, for the meat lovers we stock Brookes smoked, un smoked, back and streaky bacon which comes in both 454g retail packages and 2.27 catering packs.
We also have English smoked, un smoked, streaky, dry cured and mis shapes which is all packed into retail sized packs in house by our staff in the cutting rooms.

We sell the best sausages around – WF Chinns based in Crediton, Devon, and have worked closely with them for many years. With so many flavours to choose from as well as Gluten Free! We love Chinn’s sausages in our household, sausage and mash is always a winner and the chipolatas in particular are firm favourites with our 2 little girls.

If you like black pudding with your English breakfast, we stock Bury Black and white pudding and Gluten Free is also available. We also slice and pack larger black pudding sticks and pack into retail sizes perfect for selling in Farm shops, Community Shops, Convenience stores and Deli’s.

We have also got halloumi for the vegetarians out there, I for one love abit of grilled halloumi with my fry up!

With every English breakfast an English brew is needed, we stock Devonshire tea Classic Breakfast and Earl Grey Boxes of 6 x 20 tea bags and also in catering size boxes.

We have also got Littlestone’s Coffee whole and ground beans, signature blend and decaf they come in 225g bags.

https://www.englishbreakfastsociety.com/english-breakfast-day.html# back baconchinns



Local Producers – Devon Choice

Here in Devon we are extremely lucky to have so many fantastic local producers on our doorstep – from artisan cheeses and bespoke blended teas to quality sausages and handmade puddings. In a time when consumers are increasingly concerned with low food miles and the provenance of their food, locality and the ‘shop local’ campaign have never been more apt. With this in mind we are producing a blog series on our local producers and their delicious products, this week focusing on Devon Choice.

streaky baconDevon Choice supply the majority of our retail packed bacon. Based in Teignmouth they have been supplying traditional bacon and cooked meats throughout the South West since 1975. A small family owned business, Devon Choice rely on their consistent quality and value from the same high quality pork supplier to keep loyal customers returning time and time again. Originally supplying back bacon and speciality hams they are now able to smoke their own bacon over traditional oak chippings, resulting in a unique and delicious flavour. ppEnglishCuredBack (2)

We currently stock lean English cured back bacon, smoked back, streaky and smoked streaky bacon all of which are full of flavour and available in both 2.27kg catering packs and 200g retail packs. The Devon Choice dry-cured bacon has become a bestseller, naturally dry cured for up to two months the result is a strong tasting, robust flavoured bacon. Click here to view the full range.