Flavoured Cheese

Traditional Cheddar cheese packed full of sweet toffee pieces, dates, raisins and caramel sauce - an ideal dessert cheese.

Available in 1kg half moons.



Creamy white Stilton blended with luscious strawberries and classic Champagne.

Available in 1kg half moons.


The mild, slightly sweet Curworthy cheese is combined with fresh Ring of Fire chillies to produce a cheese with bite!

Available in 1kg bulk and 150g pre-packs. 



Traditional mild and creamy Curworthy cheese with fresh spring onions, encased in green wax. 

Available in 1kg and 150g pre-packs.


A sweet, fruity cheese with honeyed undertones. 

Available in bulk 1.5kg and 150g pre-packs.


Traditional farmhouse cheddar blended with a sweet and tangy confit of caramelised onion. 

Available in 1.5kg bulk and 150g pre-packs. 


Dartboard cheese selection with eight flavoured cheeses. 

Available in 1kg wheel. 


Creamy lancashire cheese with apples, cinnamon and raisins. 

Available in bulk half moons and 150g pre-packs.


Traditional cheddar with chip shop curry sauce. 

Available in 1.5kg bulk and 150g pre-packs.