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Dorset Blue Vinny


Dorsey Blue Vinny could once be found in nearly every farmhouse in the county as it was an ideal way of using 'left over' milk after the cream had been skimmed off for butter-making. Nowadays the cheese is made by Mike Davies at Woodbridge Farm, Dorset using the milk of their own herd of Freisian cows. It is made with partially-skimmed milk giving it a lower fat content than is usually found in blue cheeses. 

Slightly crumbly blue cheese with a creamy, subtle flavour.

Available in both bulk sizes and 150g pre-packed. 

Product Ingredients

Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Rennet.




Hard CV

Locally Sourced From :


Orchardlea Available :


Codes: C - Cows Milk S - Sheeps Milk G - Goats Milk V - Suitable For Vegetarians O - Organic

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