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Cornish Yarg


Yarg was first produced 30 years ago on Bodmin Moor by a farmer named Alan Grey who found a seventeenth century recipe for nettle wrapped cheese in an attic and decided to try it out for himself. Today the cheese is made by Lynher Dairies in Ponsanooth, Cornwall, one of the most successful artisan cheese makers in the country. 

Nettled yarg made from pasteurised cows milk with fresh, lemony flavours. It is creamy under its natural rind and has a slightly crumbly texture. The nettle leaves, which attract naturally occuring moulds, are brushed onto the cheese in concentric circles. As the cheese matures, the edible nettle rind imparts a delicate, mushroomy taste.

Available in bulk sizes and 150g pre-packs.  




Hard CV

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Orchardlea Available :


Codes: C - Cows Milk S - Sheeps Milk G - Goats Milk V - Suitable For Vegetarians O - Organic

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