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Beenleigh Blue


Beenleigh Blue is one of the few cheeses made by Robin Congdon of Ticklemore Cheese in Totnes, South Devon. The dairy was set up over thirty years ago where the company began making three signature blue cheeses: Devon Blue, Beenleigh Blue and Harbourne Blue. 

The milk is usually only available in the spring and early summer when there is sufficient surplus available. During this period they make as much Beenleigh as they can and then keep back some of it at a colder temperature so supplies should last almost all year round. (We may run out in early Spring). The nature of the cheese varies greatly over the season. The first cheeses for sale in June are very light, fresh, and quite crumbly whereas the older cheeses develop significantly greater depth of flavour and become richer and creamier.

Available in bulk sizes and 130g pre-packs. 




Soft / Semi - Soft SV

Locally Sourced From :


Orchardlea Available :


Codes: C - Cows Milk S - Sheeps Milk G - Goats Milk V - Suitable For Vegetarians O - Organic

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